Classes & Workshops

Each one of my classes is geared towards connected learning. Body based, centered on experience and often making use of poetic, figurative language, they invite the total being to engage with what is being learned.
You will find a description of each class’ content in its respective calendar entry.

the individual session

My role as your Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner essentially consists of deepening the listening my my hands do, until the harmony that underlies all tension can be remembered at cell level.

Externally this translates into the “client” – or as Mary Burmeister would say with a bit of a wink, the “jumper cable receiver” – lies down on the treatment table fully clothed while my hands – the “jumper cables” – enter a sensory dialogue with the client’s “safety” energy locks through touch, feeling their present state of being and allowing energy to flow to and through them. This is accomplished without any “digging”, pressure or rubbing.

Whether you are seeking to harmonize a specific issue or “label”, or you simply want to treat yourself to a gift with no special outer motive, an individual session allows you to experience yourself more deeply.

individual session of about 50’ 115,00 €
reduced 95,00 €
initial session, or a session of about 70 minutes with additional advice and coaching 135,00 €
week of session intensives (10 individual sessions over five days, plus a 30’ phone call some time after) 1050,00 €

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small group training (5 to 9 participants)

Just like individual coaching sessions, coaching sessions for small groups of participants offer the possibility to approach a topic of your choice via multiple pathways – energy in movement, bodywork, jumper cabling or conversation/advice.

price per participant for half a day 140,00 €
price per participant for a full day 240,00 €

individual coaching session

An individual coaching session may include elements of movement, of conversation/personal advice and of energy work, depending on your needs and choice, and it may be perfect if

  • you are seeking to deepen your understanding of general aspects of Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • need personal advice on which self-help flows would best suit your present situation
  • would like to deepen your ability to feel the safety energy locks while jumper cabling
  • seek to be accompanied through a personal process, benefiting from the complimentary approaches I offer which include energy work, movement and dialogue.

Individual coaching sessions are offered at „Wege, Lauf und Bahn“, my Hamburg studio.

one session of 60 minutes 135,00 €

Intensive Professional Coaching for Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners

Intensive Professional Coaching has been created to help you improve your professional skills as a practitioner or as a self-help instructor. Would you like to deepen your theoretical background information on specific topics? Or work on more practical issues, i.e. on broadening your ability to feel while jumper cabling? The Intensive Coaching for Jin Shin Jyutsu-Practitioners offers you 2,5 hours of individual professional coaching on any topic of your choice.

Intensive Professional Coaching (individual price per 150 minutes) 405,00 €
Intensive Professional Coaching (2-4 Jin Shin Jyutsu-practitioners, price per participant per 150 minutes) 350,00 €

telephone consultations

A telephone or Zoom consultation is the ideal format to clarify theoretical or practical questions around Jin Shin Jyutsu, be they personal or more general.

one hour 110,00 €
half an hour 60,00 €

Please note: should you exceptionally be unable to keep an appointment, please notify me as early as possible, and no later than 24 hours before the appointment (four weeks for session intensives). In case of cancellation at shorter notice than this, you will be responsible for full payment, unless a replacement (client) can be found