• born in Hamburg
  • at age 18, four semesters of German Language and Literature, Philosophy and Theater Science at Freie Universität Berlin
  • at age 20, move to New York to study dance

« Through my teacher Aileen Passloff I experienced Jin Shin Jyutsu as a path to more self awareness right from the start. She simply incorporated exercises from Mary Burmeister’s Self Help Book I into the warm-up before rehearsal. While I was soon to discover the physically practical and helpful aspect of the method as well, my fascination remained with with what might be the root of the efficiency of such simplicity. My guess was that the root of the efficiency was the simplicity itself. »

  • at age 22, first five-day class with Mary Burmeister, after two years of daily Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help
  • a move to Paris that same year
  • first hands-on experience giving sessions
  • birth of two daughters
  • translation of Mary Burmeister’s books into French and German
  • first self-help teaching experience
  • many years as organizer and interpreter for Jin Shin Jyutsu five-day classes
  • teaching experience in a variety of countries and languages
  • from 1995 on certified five-day class instructor with JSJ, Inc.
  • after interludes in Hamburg and Chicago settling down in Hamburg in 2003
  • in September of 2014 establishing his Hamburg Studio „Wege, Lauf und Bahn“
  • since 2016 no longer on the faculty at JSJ, Inc.
  • since October of that same year, next to a wide variety of in-person workshops, a growing number of online offerings
  • starting in 2017, publication of his own workbooks