Descrição do conteúdo dos cursos que proponho – em breve com links a algumas videos

Durant la pandémie du Covid19, les dates de stage ont susceptibles d’être déplacées ou annulées à court terme. Veuillez contacter les organisatrices / organisateurs.

Enquanto não tiver videos em Português, vê aqui os link pelas versões inglesas e alemãs

Ein Kurs in guter Selbstfürsorge mit Jin Shin Jyutsu und Achtsamkeit für Menschen, die andere begleiten Wir haben ganz unterschiedliche Motivationen dafür, andere Menschen begleiten zu wollen und für sie da


From an entry in my diary at the retreat in the Advent 2014, on what I am seeking: ”Falling still in order to speak on a backdrop of stillness; No Speaking without stillness, and yet: as long as I live here, no Stillness that didn’t speak! No movement without stillness, and yet no Stillness that didn’t move!“ As I conduct another seven-day Retreat at the St. Anthony House in Vechta in the Advent season of 2016, those thoughts will be applied and put into action.