Individual Work

It is the quality of the listening that creates the space for change
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Individual sessions take place at the space “Wege, Lauf und Bahn” Stresemannstraße 384a, in the court, 1st floor, 22761 Hamburg.

Their goal is always to accompany the individual in their process and evolution of the moment.

To make an appointment, please contact me over the phone 0049 -40 – 416 22 898 or via e-mail

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It is possible to receive up to two sessions in one day and to book several days in a row.

The price per session is € 110 for a session of 50-55 minutes, 135 € for the initial session or for a session of about 70 minutes with additional advice and coaching.

An individual coaching session may include elements of movement, of conversation/personal advice and of energy work, depending on your needs and choice.

Do you need personal advice to decide which flows would best suit your situation?

Would you like to grow deeper in your ability to feel the safety energy locks while jumper cabling?

Or is there any personal process or issue you would like to be accompanied in, benefiting from the various approaches
I offer like energy in movement or conversation?

Individual coaching sessions are offered at „Wege, Lauf und Bahn“ in Hamburg. The price per session is € 135 for a session of 60 minutes.

As individual coaching sessions, coaching sessions for small groups of participants offer the possibility to approach a topic of your choice via multiple pathways – energy in movement, bodywork, jumper cabling or conversation/advice.

The price per participant from 2018 is 140 €/half a day; 240 €/full day.

Counselling over the phone € 110 per 60 minutes.

The Intensive Professional Coaching has been created to help you improve your professional skills as a practitioner or instructor in self help. Would you like to deepen your theoretical background information on special topics? Or work on more practical issues, i.e. on broadening your ability to feel while jumper cabling? The Intensive Coaching for Jin Shin Jyutsu-Practitioners offers you 2,5 hours of individual professional coaching on any topic of your choice.

Intensive Professional Coaching (individual): 405 € per 150 minutes

Intensive Professional Coaching (2-4 Jin Shin Jyutsu-practitioners): The price per participant is 350 € per 150 minutes from 2018.

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