Danza Para la Vida

Danza para la Vida – Dance for Life – is a format that lets participants ”sit“ more fully in their body. By inhabiting our body more, we have a place to dance from! Tango, and life, require us to communicate deeply, softly and clearly where we are, what tone we are bringing to the situation and where we intend to take the movement next. The only intelligible place to communicate this from – unless we simply want to push another around in some way, be that with words or deeds – is a body that is inhabited: I must own it with enough of my presence that it becomes ”legible“ to the person I am interacting with.

What’s more, in inhabiting my body and in feeling just how I am present in it, I have a basis for joy – for the actual enjoyment of the movement of dance or of life that I am going through. With this manner of embodied enjoyment comes a sense of meaning, purpose and connection.

To facilitate the softening that leads to a ”coming home to ourselves inside the body and dancing life from there“, Matthias and Mariano will draw on their respective strengths and expertise, weaving them into one fluid process. Matthias will guide feeling exercises that lead participants into key areas of their body that need to be inhabited; Mariano will gently extend that presence into the movements proper to Tango, yet pointing beyond it to life itself. Look forward to a truly transformative and inclusive experience, no matter what your previous level of experience in Tango, mindfulness, body or energy work.

Und von Herzen Dank für deine und Marianos Idee für den und Begleitung bei dem tollen Kurs 🙂
Ich habe so viel bekommen!!!
Gerade finde ich es spannend, wahrzunehmen, wie meine Körper sich umbaut – einfach weil ich beim Gehen mit meinem Fokus spiele…
15 oder 6 oder 5 oder 13….
Bin neugierig, wohin die Reise geht.

F. F., Kursteilnehmerin